Braided Lariat Scarf - Umber
Braided Lariat Scarf - Umber

Braided Lariat Scarf - Umber

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Umber Braided Lariat Scarf

by: Stormy Peterson for The Longshoreman's Daughter®.

Deconstructed, pulled together, minimalist, kitsch - the ultimate contradiction; this scarf goes everywhere you want it to, looking effortlessly at home everywhere from festivals to date night.

Measures 120" in length, made with extra long, customizable 17" fringe that can be clipped and knotted at your desired length!

Made with a 98% Acrylic, 2% Polyester yarn, perfect for anyone with wool allergies (like me)!

Care Instructions:
Hand wash, cool, do not bleach, hang to dry. Fluff back to life with hands.

©Stormy Peterson 2010